The Third World is knocking at the doors of Europe, and it will enter even if Europe does not consent.

Umberto Eco, writer

Empires and kingdoms separated people as they saw fit. They separated families, tribes, moved them as needed. History is full of ugly images of persecution and ethnic cleansing to satisfy someone’s ideal image of territory at the time. On the other hand, dictated deportations or colonization to new, at that time more pliable groups of people are also a commonly seen historical image of borders. In all these cases, we are talking about politically controlled immigration. However, the thing that is the natural state of the human race is actually movement in search of new (better) living space. Therefore, migrations are natural phenomena, and it is not important how many new immigrants there are, but to what extent they radically change the culture to which they immigrated. Considering that migration is in fact a natural constant of human society, “… it is a miracle, not that modern societies also face migration, but how intensively they resist immigration and how incapable they are of accepting cultural and religious diversity.” (Ann Katherin Isaacs & Gothmundur Halfdanarson).

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